This video shows you how TO QUICKLY RELEASE stress and trauma ON THE SPOT, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! It works for times of high stress and trauma like this crisis, and for everyday life. 

Scroll just below for the EmotionAid® with Hebrew subtitles, EmotionAid® audiotapes in different languages and EmotionAid® video for children.

Learn in 10 minutes and apply in 3 minutes!

Gina Ross
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Gina Ross
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It is quick and simple to learn!​

During times of high anxiety and uncertainty, like the threat of the coronavirus, we feel helpless. If our fears take over, we panic and our brain interprets this as danger. Since we can’t fight or flee from the Coronavirus, or other situations of stress, the energy unleashed in our bodies by the stress hormones gets stuck in our body, turns into traumatic symptoms and weakens our immune system.

Luckily, there is a solution: EmotionAid, a method to help you develop resiliency and strengthen your nervous system and your immune system.

EMOTIONAID® for children!

During these difficult times, our children know that something is deeply different.
Some of them will remain calm if we keep our calm, but all of them will get restless, and many of them will be worried and upset.
This video should help you calm them down. Use it and feel free to pass it around!

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Hebrew Video
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click to find more resources, including an Emotionaid audio file, in 2 languages, and more.

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